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Versadeck Aluminum Decking

Compare Versadeck Aluminum Decking to the Others
Versadeck's coating is 60-80 mils THICK 

Premium Polyurea Comfort Coating on Aluminum Decking   
Versadeck is designed to be the very best luxurious option in aluminum decking systems. The deck coating is 25 times thicker than the powder painted aluminum decking options. Our warranty is virtually forever for you and it's transferable one time to the next owner.

Maintenance Free Aluminum Deck Year After Year 
Versadeck decking systems are high performance outdoor deck products designed to look great for decades. Enjoy the value of owning a deck with virtually no annual maintenance costs.

Watertight Decking   1.0" tall Waterproof $30 psf

Waterproof Decking
100 lbs psf live load at 24 inch span -  lengths up to 32 ft

R-40 Aluminum Plank   1.0" tall Residential - $25 psf

Residential Plank R-40

100 lbs psf live load at 24 inch span - lengths up to 32 ft

R-40 Modular Decking   1.125" tall Panels $30 psf

Residential Modular Panelized Decking
live load of 100 lbs psf at 24 inch span - size options

C-60 Aluminum Plank  1.5" tall Commercial - $30 psf

Commercial Plank C-60

 live load of 100 lbs psf at 48 inch span - lengths up to 32 ft

C-60 Modular Decking  1.625" tall panels - $35 psf

Commercial Modular Panelized Decking
100 lbs psf live load at 48 inch span - sizes options

Rooftop Deck System  Class-A System - $40-50 psf

Rooftop Deck System.jpg
Aluminum joist framing, decking, stairs, ramps and railing.

Deck Kits   Framing from the Ground Up - $80-100 psf

Erectadeck Products banner.jpg
Deck kit package options customized to fit your lifestyle.


Stair Treads  Treads w/ or w/o Risers  - $30-50 plf

Modular Stair Treads by Versadeck Decking
Stair Treads span up to 60 inches without center stringers.

Decking Colors  Thick Coating on Aluminum Decking

Versadeck's coating is 25 times thicker than powder paints.

Aluminum Framing  From the Ground Up - $25-40 psf

Versajoist Aluminum Deck Framing
A light strong aluminum joist alternative to a wood deck frame. 

Aluminum Railing  Rust Proof Reliable Construction

Extreme Low maintenance super durable powder paint finish

Tempered Glass

Wind Wall Glass

Cable Railing

Residential glass aluminum railing photo with light clay modular aluminum decking and a view of a lake by Versadeck Decking Wind Wall Glass Railing Residential stainless steel cable rail photo with light clay aluminum plank decking with a view of a lake by Versadeck Decking

$140 LNft

$160 LNft

$170 LNft

Standard Picket

Colonial Picket

Vermilion Picket

Residential picket aluminum railing photo with a view of a lake by Versadeck Decking Residential colonial picket aluminum railing photo with composite chairs and planters by Versadeck Decking Residential Vermillion picket aluminum railing

$120 LNft

$130 LNft

$180 LNft

Slatted Privacy

Isabella Privacy

Magnetic Privacy

Slatted Aluminum Privacy Railing Isabella Privacy Aluminum Railing Magnetic Privacy Aluminum Railing

$210 LNft

$220 LNft

$230 LNft

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