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VersaJoist Aluminum Deck Framing by Versadeck Decking


$30-40 psf

Aluminum Deck Framing Solution
A Light Strong Joist Alternative to Wood Frames

Versajoist Aluminum Deck Framing is a Lighter Strong Joist Solution to a Conventional Wood Deck Frame. Aluminum Joists, Beams, Posts, Stair Treads and Joist Hangers - A Maintenance Free Deck Framing System.
Common Joists - Versajoist� Aluminum Deck Framing

Smart, Simple & Versatile Design
Requires No Welding or Metal Cutting Blades

Versajoist parts can be easily assembled on site, dismantled, cut, modified and then reassembled to fit. Systems that come welded from the factory offer no room for error or the ability to modify on site. Versajoist Hangers sleeve right on allowing for ease of assembly and adjustments. The Versajoist design also handles expansion and contraction due to the telescopic joist hanger design.

Heavy Joists and Beams - Versajoist� Aluminum Deck Framing

Versatile Class "A" Fire Rated Deck Framing System

Versajoist deck framing offers 10 joist and beam options to create efficient deck framing designs specific to the application. Other metal deck framing systems offer only one joist size. Versajoist has more parts to design efficient versatile solutions compared to conventional wood deck framing and other Aluminum or Steel deck framing systems. 

Beams, Posts, Joist Hangers - Versajoist� Aluminum Deck Framing

Post Anchor Boots and Post to Beam Connectors

Versajoist beams come made to size with finished ends or the end caps can be sent separate when a beam needs to be field cut to size. Versajoist aluminum supporting posts come with anchor boots for a secure footing top attachment. Post connectors allow any beam size to connect Versajoist post to beam.

Beams, Posts, Joist Hangers - Versajoist� Aluminum Deck Framing

 Aluminum Framing Angle Brackets & Connector Plates

Enhance your aluminum deck's structural framing design and quickly create 90 connections. Use corner brackets and joining plates to create strong and rigid connections for multi-level deck framing designs, stacking or overlapping box framing and other unique, detailed framing conditions.
Angle Brackets & Gusset Plates - Versajoist� Aluminum Deck Framing

Modular Stair Treads by Versadeck Decking
Rooftop Deck System by Versadeck Decking

Benefits Advantage
  • Aluminum Joists are Strong and Lighter
  • Aluminum Frame is Straight - No warping
  • 100% recyclable Framing Material
  • Aluminum won't rot or decay like wood
  • Maintenance Free Deck Frame won't rust
  • Ideal for residential or commercial use
  • Noncombustible Deck Framing Solution
  • Clean look with No cracking or splitting
  • Joists, Beams, Stairs, Posts and Hangers
  • 10 Joist/ Beam Size and Strength options 
  • Joist Hangers are telescopic & reversible
  • Mechanical connections easily to modify
  • 100% recyclable aluminum materials
  • Mill, White, Earth Brown or Custom Colors
  • Noncombustible deck framing material
  • Custom designs and fabrication service
Versajoist� Aluminum Deck Framing 

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