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Aluminum Decking  Coating - Live on it
Eight Aluminum Decking Color Options
Cherry Brown   Rustic Brown
Cherry Brown Aluminum Decking Colors   Standard Versadeck Aluminum Decking Colors
Taupe   Beige
Standard Versadeck Aluminum Decking Colors   Standard Versadeck Aluminum Decking Colors
Light Clay   Terracotta
Standard Versadeck Aluminum Decking Colors   Standard Versadeck Aluminum Decking Colors
Light Slate   Dark Slate
Standard Versadeck Aluminum Decking Colors   Standard Versadeck Aluminum Decking Colors

Premium Polyurea Coating on Aluminum Decking 

Versadeck's coating is 60-80 mils THICK
Compare Versadeck Aluminum Decking to the Others

Versadeck is designed to be the very best luxurious option in aluminum decking systems. Our deck coating is 25 times thicker than the powder painted aluminum decking options. Our warranty is virtually forever for you and it's transferable one time to the next owner.


Aluminum Decking with Thick Comfort Coating

The Versadeck™ aluminum decking polyurea deck coating is thick, durable, slip resistant and comfortable to walk on in the hot sun. This deck coating is the difference that sets Versadeck™ Decking apart from the competition. Homeowners love the rich look and feel without the pinging sound associated with other aluminum decking products. Architects prefer Versadeck™ Decking because they know that the combination of structural aluminum with perhaps the highest performance protective coating available means Versadeck™ Polyurea Coated Decking will out perform the competition.

High Performance Polyurea Protective Coating

The Versadeck™ protective polyurea deck coating is formulated for exceptional durability and color stability. It exhibits outstanding advancements in physical and mechanical properties in tensile, tear, and elongation, with an abrasion resistance that is outstanding. The Versadeck™ Polyurea coating is also environmentally responsible containing zero V. O. C's and no solvents.

Eight Beautiful Polyurea Coating Deck Colors

Versadeck™ aluminum decking is available in eight fade resistant decking colors; Cherry, Rustic Brown, Taupe, Beige. Dark Slate Gray, Light Slate Grey, Light Clay and Terracotta Red. These colors are driven by and formulated with UV stable pigments and have stood the test of real time. Custom colors are available as a special order request.

The New Deck Look

Verdsadeck™ Polyurea coating is formulated using amine terminated polyether resins, amine chain extenders, aliphatic and aromatic prepolymers. This highly cross-linked elastomer is a two component mixture that is heated and mixed utilizing hydraulic pressure. When applied to Versadeck™ aluminum decking, the compounds cross-linking curing process results in an extremely non-porous glossy finish. The glossy finish is only temporary and it is initially a common result with Polyurea and Epoxy coatings.

The Weathered Deck Look

Versadeck™ coated aluminum decking actually improves in looks and durability as it ages. Complete polymerization to achieve final strength can take several weeks. The product can be shipped and handled during this time but it will hold a shine until it is fully polymerized and the surface has gone through its early oxidization stage which occurs during exposure to the elements. Soon after installation the gloss goes away transforming to an appealing natural weathered look.

Deck Colors and Color Drifting

There are several factors that can effect the way colors can look. Depending on the color, dirt that accumulates on the surface can shift the color to be preserved as a darker or lighter shade. Textures can also play a part in the deck color perception. Textures create shadows which combine with light and dirt differently (standard and coarse textures look different in the sun light and when dirty). The Polyurea coating is extremely UV stable and resistant to fading but will drift in color over time. As with all materials, with high exposure to the sun over long periods of time, the color may drift a few shades. This gradual change is generally unnoticed as its surroundings may also drift in color.

Versadeck™ Deck Coating Thicknesses

Aluminum flooring alone provides a multitude of structural advantages. Combining this advantage with a superior coating, truly defines the overall performance of the product. After all, the coating provides the color, comfort and durability. 60-80 mils thick of Versaeck's polyurea coating offers a limited lifetime transferable warranty.

Three Skid Resistant Non-Slip Deck Textures
The Versadeck™ thick polyurea coating is available in three slip-resistant decking textures. Texture-1 (standard coating) fits most applications, Texture-2 and 3 offer extra non-slip deck options ideal for stair applications and handicap ramps.

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Colors and Textures

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